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[MMR! Commentary]Dreams come true! The story of 5 Shinee Boys...

Part 1

[My Music Radar! Commentary]
My impressions from this, their first Solo concert.....
My friend Erika is fond of asking.....How does SME know, when looking at new recruits, who will be good? How do they know who will turn out to not only be so very talented, but who will turn out to be so very beautiful? How do they know?

A certain look in the eye? Curve of the lips? Hand position while dancing? Attitude? Divine intervention? I really have no clue. One thing I do know for sure is, some one guessed right when forming Shinee. Some one did a good thing. Not only for Korea, but for fans worldwide.

For Shinee, this concert was a Dream come true, and they have worked for 4 years to get to this place. 2 or more years in training, where Onew and Taemin 1st met, before Shinee was even an idea in anyone's mind. Jonghyun and Key were roommates before Shinee as well, Divine intervention? Taemin was added to Shinee almost as an after thought as Minho was the maknae for almost 2 years. Can YOU imagine Shinee without Taemin?

May 25th 2008 gave birth to Shinee....and now after 2 albums, 9 singles, 2 musicals, numerous variety shows and many injuries.....a Dream comes true.
During an interview on Muzits, all the boys revealed what their personal dreams were for the future. Onew wanted to sing Opera, Jonghyun wanted to DJ on the radio, Key wanted to perform music of a contemporary nature and Taemin wanted to sing New Age type music. (Minho was absent due to injuries from the Dream Team, but we all know he just wants to be hot [LOL!] seriously though he wants to act.)

Indeed this concert was a dream come true in more than one way, its every groups dream to stay popular enough to reach the day where they will have their own solo concert. Shinee did this. Its every members dream to stay long enough to embark on their own solo path. Shinee is doing this too. Indeed they have worked so very hard to get to where they are, and they have done so despite some very hard times indeed.

It was a Shawols dream to see Onew singing opera in Italian and weeping at the end for all the beauty he reveals with his voice. I wept with him. So much fun to see Jonghyun DJ'ing and singing with the powerful voice he belts out with. The Almighty Key's performance of My first kiss revealed his Diva self to the max and he was indeed contemporary in his Pretty in Pink jacket. Taemin was dressed more New Age than his song was, but of all the members, he has truly come the furthest, revealing a voice and attitude that burst out on stage and will be seared into my memory for all time. Unf! Minho? Yaahhhhh he was just Hot Hot Hot, revealing his abs when HE wanted to and not when forced to by friends. Minho's voice has also been revealed to be a strong force to be reckoned with.

Saddest moment? Watching Onew weep after his opera performance, I'm not sure if, after all this time, when his voice cracked during the most intense moment of the song, if it wasn't because this truly was his dream and he felt like he failed for that tiny little crack in his voice. Fighting! Onew! We all know that besides being the leader of an awesome group(and all that THAT entails), you are also the busiest of all the 5 doing not only musicals but all the Shinee performances as well, its a wonder you have any voice left at all.

Happiest moment? Watching Taemin singing in an awesome voice that has taken all of 4 years to develop. He once revealed during a radio interview how disappointed he was this year because he though he would be a lot further along by now. Relax Taemin, you are there! Not only revealing a lovely voice but also dancing your heart out, which is why you were first chosen for Shinee. You have arrived my love.

In closing....all I have left to say is....Saranghae Shinee and kahmsahmnida.
Thank you Thank you, for all that you have become, for all that you are and for all that you have yet to be.
And for all the many hours of joy you have brought me.

Part 2

Credit where due.

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