Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shinee's Solo Shows Start

This post will be changed and updated as I find more and better videos ^.^

Watch this 8 minutes of Shinee goodness thats the last vid I will post, getting too graphics heavy. Shinee flies high!
Updated 101228

Credit: Nana1214o

Lets start with the boys Japanese introductions.
They were so cute ^.^ Key's Japanese is quite good! As always, count on the Almighty Key!

Credit where due.

Next up is Stand by Me-Love Still Goes On, also in Japanese ^.^ They look great! From what I could see.

Credit where due.

Awww Your Name, one of my fav's ^.^

Credit where due.

Graze....this stage looks fabulous! Look at all those aquamarine glowsticks!

Credit where due.
New 101228

Credit: yaza86

Lastly for now, and the best so far, is Minho's cover of "Oh my Gosh"
Can I just say Oh Emmm GeeeEEEeeee!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*
Sorry fangirl slipped out >.<........


Credit where due.

1st update, already lol, BUT, I just found this short clip of Key's solo with Krystal from F(x) Gotta just love Diva Key!!!!! He looks FABULOUS!
And from what I hear, Jjong's been marking his territory already too.

Credit: DCSHINee

And then there was Onew.......Jonghyun and Key made me laugh, Minho made me squeeeee. But I am siting here weeping.....and I'm not even sure why. I don't like opera, at all. This performance gave me the chills and then the tears started.
My babies have left the nest and are on their way, if this concert is any indication.
Saranghae.....Onew....Minho....Taemin....Key.....and Jonghyun T_T


Favorite Shinee Quotes
Taemin: "A person who dreams for a long time becomes similar to his/her dreams."

I am so glad for this vid, so I could stop crying >.< Instead I was YELLING! Omo! Onew! Yahhhh! Not with your teeth! You just got those fixed! LOL! ^.^
Credit: OnlyOnew

Favorite Shinee Quotes
Jonghyun:"The stage does not just belong to us-it also belongs to the fans, the audience, and the staff who work together to give the stage existence."

Awww the JongKey shipper in me just can't resist posting this vid, even though its pretty bad quality. If you ship, you will recognize this song right off. And like me, you won't care one bit, because its such a joy to hear them singing this song together on stage. Enjoy! ^.^ *wipes a happy tear* T.~

Source and credit: keymera09023


Okay took all day/night, but I finally found a vid for Taemin, I have to say he sounded wonderful. Hes singing in a lower key these days and it suits him perfectly. Speaking of suits, don't miss the designer outfit by Ha Sang Baek which has Taeminnie looking all half dressed and very pretty. ^.^

Source and Credit: keymera09023

New 101228
Just found this lovely new vid of Taemin, can I just say Omo! He sounds wonderful and is looking so beautiful!

Credit as tagged

New 101228
Taemin Angel

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