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SBS Gayo Daejun 2010 best of year end so far...Taemin is a Ringleader! 2MIN Fanaccount!

SBS Gayo Daejun 2010 was hyped to the max, I was only hoping that the show would live up to the hype. My friends and fellow fans...not only did it live up to it, it far surpassed my hopes and wishes, It ROCKED! And rocker pretty much was the theme for this show. Many groups preformed with a fierceness not normally seen. Enjoy!
Lets start with the cutest 3 minutes you will probably ever see. Intros of all the groups to perform, but in miniature! Little children playing the parts of all! Aigoo!

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Next up is Taemin as ringleader with Circus. He makes it HOT! Beware.....the whip.
This is a special Maknaes stage!
Taemin - SHINee
Seohyun - SNSD
Sulli - f(x)
Jiyoung - Kara
Lizzy - After School
Chansung - 2PM

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And now for Lucifer....Fierce will never describe this performance...its captivating! And Shinee is being held captive...Cages and handcuffs...Omo!
Special stage with F(x)

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Best Super Junior of the year!

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MBLAQ! Thats right MBLAQ! Okay its their song Y, but performed with a new vigor and can I just say they are looking awesome! Almost didn't recognize them!

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It's 2PM! Are you watching Erika??? ^.~
Hot...did I mention fierce? Oh YaaAaaaahh Fierce as only 2PM can do it.
This last performance I could only find as a link, so worth going to YouTube to watch.
2PM I'll Be Back YouTube Link

There where sooooo many good performances, this post is really just a relevant and High Lites of, I'm linking you to allkpop where you can find many many and I mean many more awesome performances. Enjoy! ^.^
allkpop Link to Gayo Daejun Show

One word...UNF!

[trans] fanaccount of 101229 “Gayo Daejeon” rehearsal

Author: Diona

Original Source: Baby2min

Translation: sysywithcc

The kids’ performances all went pretty well yesterday, and I saw some 2min moments during rehearsal.

It starts with Taemin’s maknae show. He came out all of a sudden with a magician hat on, then was wired in the air, but he was still pouting and shaking, so adorable

After rehearsal for the maknae show finished, he came down and took a seat (on the front row), but after a short while he was half-standing half-seating and staring at one inner side of the stage, then fans next to me started to cheer and I saw Minho walking out from there.

The very first thing Minho did was hugging Taemin. I was over the moon, haha. Then they sat together, I don’t know what they were talking about, but Taemin looked happy, Minho patted his head as well.

Then Minho went up to the stage for rehearsal of SNSD’s performance, Taemin was really excited down here, and he was kind of like the cheerleader. He cheered harder than the fans, hahaha

Minho stepped down and Taemin stood up to welcome him, they hugged again, then they started their non-stop whispering. Taemin was still wearing the magician’s hat, Minho took the hat away and played with it, they had a fight over the hat..

Minho was supposed to leave a bit later, before he left he held Taemin and said something to him.

This is pretty much it, at the rehearsal the staff were really strict I couldn’t even get my camcorder out, but they were so cute and super intimate-v-

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