Saturday, May 19, 2012

SMTown in LA 120519 Random Pics and Video - SHINee - Super Junior - EXO - JongKey fanaccount

Nothing better than SMTown in the States!
Minho and Donghae chillin
EXO arrives in the US
[FANCAM] 120518 Exo Arriving to LAX

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Skip to 2:04 to actually see them arrive
Volume down for fanscreams
SHINee at LAX airport for SMTown Live World Tour 3

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JongKey fanaccount

I'm sure there will be more!
There's more....Minho, Changmin and Super Junior
120520 EXO

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Credit where due
Credit where due

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  1. Well that's a very Key-ish outfit you got on there, Jjong.