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SHINee World in Osaka - The video - The Fanaccounts - 120527 Plus Pics!

I read there was so much 2MIN today that noonas were screaming!
 Trollin the baby again >.<
120527 SHINee ARENA TOUR OSAKA 민호 원샷받을꺼야!!!& 오사카 사랑해~~~!!!

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『Exclusive Fan Account 』120527 Osaka Live Update : Noona said that Taemin saw the hand banner and even pointed at her. She was standing at the front of the stage extension. She also distributed the hand banners to the people around her, and Minho and Key pointed to the group of them too... and then... 2min "chu-ed" (S/N : Did a kissing action?).. Taemin even went to touch Minho-hyung's throat... And Taemin did "bbuing bbuing" again.. didn't you said you were 20 years old already?

『Japan Arena Tour』120527 Osaka : Taemin took off his clothes again to reveal his abs/stomach. And he even seduced Minho during Love Like Oxygen performance. Minho stroked Taemin's head and even piggybacked Jonghyun during Stand By Me. Taemin exposed his entire stomach all the way to his chest, with a smug/teasing facial expression ΣΣ(゚д゚lll)!

Source : UNIQUETAEM ( / Trans : soundtracklove@soompi


Minho is so annoying/mischievous today (S/N : in a jokingly manner!).. He kept snatching to be filmed (as he) waved to everyone. Jonghyun was so annoyed that he held Minho back/blocked him while trying waving to the camera himself !!! HAHAHAHA

Taemin's "XX, I love you" segment was stolen again. Jonghyun and Minho (were the culprits) for the first time, while the 2nd time was Minho himself only~ All the other SHINee members sided with Taemin and blamed Minho "How can you be so cruel (to Taemin)?!". In the end all the members said "Everyone, Taemin said I Love You~" together.

Today Minho and Onew taught everyone Korean.
1. Onew taught the audience "surprise" in Korean. He added that he will be really happy if the audience said that to him. So everyone asked him to give a surprised expression~ "1..2...3..." He did a "bbuing bbuing" bunny teeth aegyo *sobbing* Everyone screamed "Ahhhhhhhhh". Jonghyun corrected the audience "It is not "ahhh" it's "surprise"!"
2. Minho taught everyone how to speak Korean. So Key said "Are you going to teach everyone the phrase you always use - "Is everyone having a great time?" " (Key even impersonated Minho's tone!) Hahaha, then everyone started fooling around, and taught the audience "daebak" in the end!!!

Key wore a pair of cat ears made of paper money for Yellow Ribbon performance!!!!

Stand By Me :
1. The 2 Kims have changed their tactic!! They now give way to one another, and helped to wipe the floor (??) !!! They were wiping it furiously. hahaha and even used a towel to wipe it!!
2. Taemin and Minho shook Jonghyun's chin. Minho probably shook it too vigorously so Jonghyun flared up. Hahahah
3. Not sure who started it first but everyone started to add their own high notes (throughout the song). Kibum even used his high-pitched Aegyo sound! hahahaha

When Minho was monopolising the camera screen doing aegyo, Key said that Minho is making him more and more furious~ so everyone stopped (Minho) from doing more aeguo. Before walking away, Onew even kicked Minho once. Haha, today's most annoying/mischievous award should go to Minho!!!

When did Jonghyun learn the word "イジワル /意地悪" (S/N : Meaning wicked, nasty etc) *laughs*

Source : Lockxi / Translation : soundtracklove@soompi



Source : UNIQUETAEM ( / Translation : soundtracklove@soompi (do not hotlink)

2MIN.....I can't even right now...

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