Friday, May 4, 2012

SHINee Nagoya 120503-04 Pics & video

Ahhhhh Onew's long hair up in a lil'pony is melting me!
Also one of my all time favorite Japanese songs, 'To Your Heart'
120503 SW Nagoya TYH
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This is my first long glimpse of this newly arranged 'Always Love'
and I must say.....SHINee captured and tied up?
Prolly every Shawols dream ^.~
[OneWaytoU]12o5o3.SHINee JαPαN T0UR 1n NαG0Yα.ALWαYS L0VE.CUTE ONEW ^▽^
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[OneWaytoU]12o5o3.12o5o3.SHINee JαPαN T0UR 1n NαG0Yα.A LITTLE MAGIC ^▽^
Published on May 3, 2012 by passionate 20120503 SHINEE ARENA TOUR IN NAGOYA - Jonghyun 혜야 (ONE IN A MILLION)
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Enjoy a lot!

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