Saturday, May 19, 2012

SHINee in the States! SMTown has arrived - SHINee gets mobbed120519

NOT impressed by how they got mobbed >.>
Where the hell was security?
And why were those fans so outta hand?
They just got off a 13 hour flight and you treat them like that?
SHINee at LAX 051812

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Ok...So basically SHINee came through the normal exit unlike their sunbaes...So I decided to head on over there...But there were a lot of people there already and didn't want to get too much into the mess. (Tried to stay in the back)...But once they actually came out, I tried to get out of the way (it was REALLY chaotic). They ended up coming the same way as me...So that brought on ALL the fans and others. (What a fail I had at trying to escape)...Pretty much I got stuck in the crowd for a while. Key was right in front of me. I honestly did not expect that. (a "whoa" moment for me.) There was a lot of pushing going on, especially behind me. Shinee's manager was also not very.....pleasant. T__T (I was pretty much moving with flow....) A friend of mine said that Onew was next to me after they were long gone....But I did't notice. MY BAD... The situation was a mess.
Taemin appears terrified attached to Minho....
[FANCAM] 120518 SHINee arriving at LAX

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I'd say enjoy but....this doesn't look enjoyable,
Sure was not like this in NYC last year....just sayin

Thanks to MrDinglepopples and Diba for pics and vids


  1. This was ridiculous. Poor guys. I'm sure there'd have been more security if they would've realized people were going to act a fool. Smh.

  2. Aw, these American fans seem very happy to see their idols upclose. It's so rare for them to see any kpop idols in America.

    1. Hi LTHL, of course I understand Kpop idols are rare in the US, I guess I'm just concerned for them.
      Things were far more civilized at SMTown NYC last year, when Jonghyun was caught in a doorway with fans, they even apologized.
      Maybe its the difference between the Eastcoast and the Westcoast?