Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sorry for the mini hiatus but I am back!!! ^.^

Wow! I didn't think I would be away that long! I thought that a few days on antibiotics and I would be back, but....things don't always go like you think they will, as I found out.
I am feeling much better and I missed Kpop soooooo much!
Did you miss me? I missed you all soooooo much!
Thanks to all my friends and fans who "watched over me"



  1. Stormyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy that your feeling better. I missed you so much. Are you sure you are feel better I don't want you back on My Radar until you are feeling at lest 90% better,lol. Well, can't wait to start reading my kpop updates through my radar again. (((((Stormy)))))

  2. Dasiey!!!!!!
    Missed you lots too! *hugs*
    I am feeling much better and so glad to get back to reporting on our favorite subjects!