Friday, April 22, 2011

MuBank 600th Episode and Amazing Performances. Watch the Celebration!

MuBank celebrated their 600th episode with some pretty awesome stages!
Where to start? Have you missed 'Keep Your Head Down'? Lets start there.
TVXQ-KYHD-Hot as it ever was.

4MINUTE-Mirror Mirror-This ones for you chingu >.>


Infinite-Nothing's Over-Fighting my babies!!!

Block B-Freeze-New Baby Blippers-Keep an eye out for them!

Debut Stage for X-5-Okies these babies are...well...just watch, pretty much they took every dance move that ever got a scream from fans, threw it into a blender and dumped it out. They are much hyped, I don't see it >.<. X-5-Fantasy & The Show is Over.
Now for the Special Stages-Past Idols with big HITS! Some you may have heard of, how could you not? They are everywhere!
G.O.D.-Lie-One of the Best of the Best

TVXQ-Rising Sun-Can't be easy performing with 2...what once was done with 5.

Infinite covers ShinHwa-T.O.P.

Thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for all of todays videos.
Wow! What a show! Enjoy! ^.^

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  1. Well, i liked almost all of those videos. The block b were ok, but the x-5 werent that great. I loved seeing infinite and tvxq were good. I just need me some new shinee, mblaq, teen top, please!!!!!!!!