Saturday, April 16, 2011

MuCore featuring Big Bang CNBLUE and Infinite!

Okies friends and fans, this weeks MuCore and my new fav song Stupid Liar!
I'm so STUPID in Love with this song!
Big Bang-Stupid Liar

Can we talk some fashion here? Fashion and G Dragon.....just look at that suit!!!!
Those pants! Suit him perfectly. Know what else is perfect? TOP and that hat. Yaaaah...
Big Bang-Love Song

I dunno...sometimes a song grows on you over time...this one is sprouting...

And of course my Babies Infinite, just so sweet ^.^ Fighting Babies!
Infinite-Nothing's Over

Thanks to CrazyCarrot270 for today's videos
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. What great performances by BigBang today! Their voices were on point, especially in Love Song. They looked gorgeous in those suits and I love the way they transition from person to person in the choreography.
    Gahhh!!! Infinite is sooo cute! I want to put them all in my pockets, but then they'd be overflowing. Sigh. But seriously I love their outfits here and just adorbs. Was it shorter than normal today?? The song should be longer. Poor cuties. I love the 2 main singers' voices in this song, btw.

  2. Big Bang, there are just so hot right now. I am so feeling Top's top hat and GD huge, but cute pants. They can't get any cutier. Well, I guess I was wrong about that, because you put the whole group together and then the songs they become sexy,lol.

    As for Infinite, They just are the cuitest thing ever. I love the song and I just love Nothings Ober,lol.

    I still miss Shinee and Teen Top, and Mblaq (thanks for that new video mblaq it was really cute), but I know they will be back soon, but I hope it is very very very very soon.

    P.s. I just love it when GD starts taping his little foot to the music it is so cute.