Saturday, April 9, 2011

I got your brand new JongKey right here!!!!

I know I know.....its been waaaaaaay too long since we have seen Jonghyun! Never mind some JongKey, but I got it for you right here......cause I'm good like that ^.~
Seriously though, the Almighty Key was good enough to upload a new picture of them on Jonghyun's birthday.
Kamsahamnida Key! Saranghae!!!
Awwwwwww and what a great pic Key gave US as a present!!!!
Key is looking just lovely and expected >.< And Jjong? Its just damned good to SEE him! Key was also good enough to leave us a nice message too!
[Key]생일축하기념!!! 팬여러분과의 생일파티도 재밌었습니다! (내가 준 썬크림으로 피부미남 되세요.)

[Key] Commemoration of birthday celebration!! The birthday party with our fans was interesting!! (Become a pretty boy with the suncream that I gave.)
source: shinee’s me2day
translate by: rong @ weareshining
shared by: michelle @ smtownjjang
Picture credit to the Almighty Diva Key
Source:SMTown Jjang

Doesn't Key look all satisfied with himself and stuff? I'm thinking yes.......
I love his hair with the hairband too!
How cute is it that Key called Jjong a pretty boy?
Ahhh that's some good JongKey right there!
Enjoy! ^.^

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