Saturday, April 23, 2011

MuCore! Debut's-Come Backs and Good Byes!

Grab your favorite drink and get ready! Its a really big show!
Big Bang-Stupid Liar


4MINUTE Mirror Mirror

f(x) comes back with Pinocchio (Danger)

Debut Stages!
My newest baby pinggers B1A4-OK


TVXQ says goodbye! Before U Go & KYHD

Thanks to CrazyCarrot270 for all the videos


  1. Ohhh what a great post!
    Firstly, I of course love Big Bang but today it was all about the debuts for me. I loved, loved, loved B1A4! Soooo cute... they looked comfy on stage, they sang well, danced well and looked adorable. What more could you ask for??
    Fx was so good... I really like that song and choreography and their outfits were really good. I feel like Shinee's choreographer did the choreo for Fx. 4 Minute was so good too. I like seeing girl groups that don't act or sing like 12 yr olds. It's only cute when the boys do some aegyo.
    Poor Block B... why are they making these boys and Infinite cut their songs short? That's not cool... they just recently debuted! I can see Infinite being made shorter coz they've been performing the song for awhile but come on... not fair to Block B.

  2. Ok, I just love that I can come on to My Radar and get all of my Kpop info. Wow, this week is full of new and old artist. I am loving it.

    Well, I have been trying to get into CNBlue's song, but it doesn't seen to be working. I mean the guy are cute. I will keep listening to it though and I will try to get into it.
    I really like 4minute. They are good singers and they song is great too. I really liked there outfits too, but I didn't understand the knee pads,lol.
    F(X) was great, I like them a lot. This is my first time hearing them and I am a fan now. They dancing is great, they don't just stand there just trying to look pretty. I really like the song too. I am going to look these ladies up.
    B1A4 are just so so cute. They make me smile the whole time. I love the way they dance and sing. The song is really good too. I am looking forward to watching then become big time kpoppers.
    Block B I feel bad that they didn't get there full time out there. I mean even though they seem to remind me of all the kpop groups out there. They really need to find out who they are before they came out. I don't know maybe it is just me but there seen that way to me. I like there voices thought. so I think that with a little work they are going to great. Fighting Block b fighting!!!!!
    Tvxq well, it is sad to see them go. I am going to miss there sexy performances. I hope they come back soom with another sexy performance.

    Big Bang as alway puts on a great performance. I am so loving this song. I love love song too. I am loving top in a hat he looks so cute. Then there is Gd always there to put a little color into the situation, love it. I also love GD and top in those checker pants. GD has such a cute butt,lol. I also love the whole group in those studded jackets, so cute.

    Thanks Storm for another wonderful kpop report!!!!