Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just In!!!Super Junior Super Show 3 in Japan!!! Love my Boys in White! All HD all Awesome!

Super Show 3 Japan WOWOW Broadcast in HD! Full Screen and feel like you're there!
Super Show has never been better! Chulie!!!! Teukie!!!! Henry!!!! Squeeeee!
Okies just trying to breath watch watch!
Show Opening and Sorry Sorry Sorry...lets Fly!!!

Super Girl! never better...

No Other-EVERYONE smiles sooooo pretty but oh good to see you with a BIG smile Heenim ~.~ *swoons*

U...another of my favorites....just watch...Cause I can't stop....>.<.
Bonamana-Teukie...Chulie...Saranghae! <3

Don't Don-Ready? Lets GO!

Chulie on drums!!!
Henry+Violin=Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! ^.^
Henry and Zhou Mi!!!!!!
SiChul....wahhhhhhhhhh T_T

My never ending thanks to for all of these videos, and if you click the link, there are many many more videos I just couldn't include here.
Some fun pics
EunHae!!!! Lives!!!!

Better watch what your doing Siwon!
I hope you have enjoyed these few videos of my favorites, but, please do visit kkkkannaZ on YouTube for many more!
This was the BEST!!!
*continues to fangirl*
On a more serious note, and to speak to professionalism, I am so happy that all were able to perform and have fun after all that has happened to Suju recently.
Saranghae Super Junior!!!


  1. Well, that was a very good show. I enjoyed it very much, Thanks Storm!!!!!

  2. wooooooooooooooooooooow thank you ^_^

  3. i can't watch bonamana. it stated there that it's private. so sad :(

  4. I can't watch bonamana. It stated there that it's private. So sad :'(