Saturday, June 2, 2012

Teen Top MuCore 120602 - Videos - Plus Reality TV News

Teen Top on MuCore today, as always an outstanding performance.
Baby U

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To You

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THIS news just in!
TEEN TOP will be starring in a reality series with TOP Media CEO and Shinhwa member Andy as well as a new, as-yet undisclosed group from the agency.
The series, ‘TEEN TOP’s Popularity 100% (Battle With Issues)‘, will be hosted by comedian Kim Tae Hyun, and will air its first episode on Saturday, June 16 at 9PM KST on SBS-MTV.
Check out the teaser for ‘TEEN TOP’s Popularity 100%’ below.
MTV 틴탑의 뜬다 백퍼 TEASER...☆

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While I'm all excited for Teen Top to have a new Reality TV Show, I'm also kinda sad cause lets face it, A new group? Teen Top hardly has had the best exposure themselves.
Yeah I'm lookin at you Andy >.>
Oh well Any Teen Top is better than no Teen Top!

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