Friday, June 22, 2012

MuBank 120622 - f(x) - B1A4 - UKISS - Teen Top - Infinite

Okies friends and fans, at the risk of all these videos being taken down,
before I can finish this, there are too many of my favorites to not attempt a
MuBank post.
Here we gooooOOOooo

First up is f(x)
Amber baby, I saw your recent declaration of "I am not a boy!"
but, was this you? Or SME fueled? Cause baby? You coulda fooled me. >.>
(of course I love you unconditionally)
Congrates to f(x) for another fun summer song!
AND another win today!

120622 Electric Shock - f(x) Music Bank

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Now I am not the biggest fan of B1A4,
but even I have to admit that if nothing else, they are entertaining!
And there is something so intriguing about 'Dancing in the moonlight' ^^
120622 Good Night - B1A4 Music Bank

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Then there was UKISS...
Oh my beastly babies...always Believe!
bye bye T_T
120622 Believe - UKISS Music Bank

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Now for my Teenfinite babies ^^
These 2 groups will probably be together forever,
having debuted so close together and dubbed 'Teenfinite' when they perform together,
besides SHINee they are and will always be my 2nd favorites.
If only Teen Top had the backing Infinite does...
Teen Top
Though Niel carries this song as always,
the little dance solos are quite pleasing!
As are the bodywaves!
But that haunting "Whoo whoo hoo"
I find myself singing it at the oddest times...O.o
120622 To You - Teen Top Music Bank

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Originally I called 'The Chaser' safe...they seem to have sex'd it up a bit.
Kpop boys in white suits...Wae is this always so appealing???
I wish this was better quality video
cause damn! Is that a manskirt I see????
120622 The Chaser - INFINITE Music Bank

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Ahhhh I really should include Boyfriend and MYNAME too
BUT, I'm outta energy lol
Enjoy while it last!
Not often do we get so many awesome groups promoting at the same time!
What a summer!

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