Saturday, June 30, 2012

Have you seen the latest JongKey?

Okies babies, I really wasn't gonna post this, cause, well cause I really kinda thought JongKey was a dead issue. But! While in Japan and Taiwan, there just has been so much!
Every time I think its done and over.....they are back at it.
Like during SHINee's recent appearance on '100% Entertainment' while they are playing the basketball game, Key casually walks up to Jjong and back hugs him!
I was like "Did Key really just do that?"  o.O
After re-watching several times to be sure, indeed he did. 
Today on Tumblr I found these gifs on my dash and once again, JongKey shows up.

 Jjong! How dare you gaze at and caress Key like that!

How dare the TWO of you make me want to believe in JongKey again!!!! >.>
I thought I was over all this fangirl stuff  >.<
Really, they bring this on themselves...
Well like so many have been saying, maybe they just feel freer overseas,
And like they can be more themselves...

 Some JongKey goodies from my chingu Diba ^^
JongKey at Hiroshima today.

gif credit is as tagged and or where due

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