Thursday, May 9, 2013

Has SHINee Peaked? Let's play can SHINee top this.

I'm a little worried....I know I know, you all probably see me as the bitchy, oh what can I find wrong now article writer, and sometimes I am. I've evolved, I was not always this way. When I first started my writing career I was always positive and tended to be semi-delusional especially about my loves. I was always honest. I still am. 
I love SHINee, all of SHINee, please don't ever forget that.
A little something has been worrying me way back in my brain since SHINee's comeback with 'Why So Serious?'  Has SHINee peaked? 
Lets go back to Lucifer. Lucifer was really the beginning of big changes for SHINee. Jonghyun's long note in Lucifer was killer. Fans timed it out to almost 20 seconds in some live performances. Killer. The choreo? Also killer. Onew in particular complained a lot about Lucifers choreography.
Lucifer won multiple awards for SHINee including 2 on Mubank and twice on Inkigayo as well as a GDA for 2010 and Bonsang for 2011.(Nominated for best choreo JVMA 2012)
How to top that? Sherlock. Lets combine TWO songs and get Tony Testa to do the choreography. Who does this?!!! SHINee did this. Oh that high stepping dance! SHINee almost collapsed on stage from the dance alone. Still they managed to not only perform it flawlessly, they also performed it LIVE! Sherlock won 2012 Best Male Dance MAMA's, a 2013 GDA Disk Bonsang and 8 Music Show awards. There was no stopping SHINee! Can they top this?
Exhausted from Japan promo's SHINee comes back with 'Chapter 1 Dream Girl' So this time Tony Testa decides to add props to SHINee's choreography. Wait WHUT? Add microphone stands to the dance? YES Yes yes, Mr. Testa went there. The results? 10 Music Show Awards and an ALL Kill. Phenomenal! Who can beat them now?
This my friends and fans brings us to today and why I'm so worried right here, right now.
There has been lots of complaints about 'Why So Serious?' starting with Jonghyun not participating due to his car accident, to 'Why So Serious?' just being a lousy song. Lousy? From SHINee???? Really really? This opinion came from both Knetizens & Inetizens btw.
SHINee has been promoting this song for several weeks now and....not one music show win. NOT ONE!!!! How could this be true???? What the hell goes on here?
First off, there were changes in the voting process having to do with the sales both digital and physical. It actually has done quite well in digital sales. Then there is the live vote. Who's been winning? One word...Psy. Has been wining pretty much everything with 'Gentleman' 
'Why So Serious?' did manage to top the Billboard World Music Charts. Quite impressive really! Was it the change in choreographer to Devin Jamieson? I don't think so. The choreography is still world class in my book. 
My only complaint here? Since when does a SHINee member get a pass on doing tough choreo?
Onew did state that the man-split caused him some back pain and with Jonghyun already out, they really don't need to lose another member. Things are tough enough right now for SHINee. Is it Taemin's participation in WGM? Some fans did threaten to leave the fandom because of it, but I highly doubt enough left to make any real difference.  
Did they comeback too fast with Chapter 2?
Hence my worry. Its been a long time since SHINee has promoted without wining something! Maybe I'm spoiled. Maybe I just expect SHINee to perform on music shows and to win. Maybe I'm being all delulu again.
BTW 4Minute won today.....without Hyuna....

Then there is the dreaded 5 year curse, 
SHINee celebrates their 5 year anniversary May 28 this month......
So has SHINee peaked? Have they outdone themselves? Have they set the bar so high its difficult to top themselves now? I sure hope not. I guess I still have more questions than answers. One thing I know for sure. I adore my SHINee boys!
Every last quirky, nerdy, fabulous one of them, and I fully expect to continue to see them out doing themselves for years to come.
 "FIGHTING SHINee! You've worked hard!"
Stormy out!


  1. I don't think they've peaked. There Japan album sounds amazing, especially the new single 'Breaking News.' Even really successful groups don't get better and better each release. They have little blipsand try new stuff that doesn't always work.

  2. I do think WSS is great... but thats just me and my love for Taemin. I just felt so happy that he got this chance to show that he has a really great voice along with his really hot moves when dancing. Honestly, that kid will put me behind bars. I still look forward to whatever Shinee comes up with..

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