Monday, March 25, 2013

Onew Onew Onew.....Jinki!

Well....Only something like this would bring me out of my medical leave these days lol.
(For those who don't know....I had a problem with my heart or actually one of the blood vessels and had surgery to correct it, which was very successful and I am recovering nicely)
International fans have been taking a lot of crap recently but quite honestly....I've never been prouder to be one than I am today. As a whole, we seem to be much more accepting to the idea that Onew could possible be in a relationship. I wonder if maybe its because as a whole we tend to be older and more mature? I am not even going to get into the whole cultural differences issue here because quite honestly unless you're a brand new kpop fan you're at least aware and not surprised by this issue.
I guess if you're a casual Shawol/kpop fan Onew dating came as a big surprise. If you delve a little deeper like some of us this was not new, in fact rumors about Jinki and After School's Jungah date back years, with Onew himself saying she is his ideal type since least. In fact....of all the SHINee members, Onew was the 1st member I ever saw a stalker/saesang picture of, him with a female being quite close, from I believe late 2009 or early 2010. I have a whole folder of them now, unfortunately I didn't save it because well, it really didn't concern me even back then. He's a man....after all.
Super Junior members, and especially Heechul have never hidden the fact that...idols date. They always have, they always will, they are humans with human needs. Considering the very stressful (insert Kang Gary scream here "STRESssss!!!!") lives they lead, don't they deserve to at least unwind with a little human companionship? 
No one ships Jongkey and 2MIN harder than I do, but, having said that I have long since accepted (even Taemin's rumored relationship with a nonceleb) that things go on we will never really know the truth about. Some of those being that they date, they love, they fight....they make mistakes. They even OMG smoke?
Yes friends and fans.....that was an e-cigarette that Onew was puffin on. I'm probably more surprised about that than anything because I adore Onew's honey voice and wouldn't want to hear that ruined, oh well, his choice not mine. He is a 25 year old man after all.
In conclusion, I say "Let the man live!" Having seen Jinki go through what appears to be bouts of depression and considering his recent "scandals" he deserves what ever small moments of normalcy he can fit into his life without fandom's going all apeshit. 
And as my friend Divalcious says "Get it! Get it!" 


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  1. If this is true, then i hope that he should quitsmoking and live healthier for the sake of his voice and his own physique. Being ang actor and singer, one should be healthy to be abke to cope up wih their hectic activity schedules.