Monday, November 26, 2012

SHINee Shinigami 1000 Years Always Be By My Side


Lets start with Shinigami, not sure what that is? Brief lesson, Shinigami means 'Death God' or 'Death Spirit' which if you've ever watched any Japanese anime or Korean manwha, you probably have run into more than once. ie Death Note.
SHINee playing Shinigami is not really that far fetched for them, its a genre they entertain often really....think 'Lucifer' or Taemini's recent solo "Shut Up'.
As they have matured from their boy next door images, they have often visited their darker sides while maintaining a glimmer of SHINee light.
I began to entertain the idea of 'SHINee Shinigami' from the first teaser....
but then I have an extended history with anime and manhwa.....surprised?

I must admit that I sobbed through my first viewing of the video today.
Then had to take some time away from it while I gathered all my feels....

The SHINigami here help a departed spirit with some unfinished earthly concerns by allowing him some extra time with his ailing son.

They keep an eye on things by shapshifting. ie Bleach reference

SHINigami Taemin sends the departed spirit off to the other side with the families 'Fighting' spirit. See the bus schedule 

Did you miss the bus at the end? Lots of people did.

A beautiful ballad with an immensely sad story that rivals any of the best anime/manga/manhwa ever. ie Blood Plus
SHINee - 「1000年、ずっとそばにいて・・・」 Music Video

One of my favorite things from this video?
All of Key's keys!!!
 Enjoy lots babies!!!!
Our boys have out done themselves this time


  1. just beautiful!!! I would never have imagined shinee could do something like this...this video and song turned me into a new shawol xD...seriously,l'm still crying T.T...I was expecting a normal love story, but noo this was perfect! the kind of love they portrayed here is definitely a love that can last more than a 1000 years :')

    1. My thoughts exactly....this kind of love transcends all...
      my sidekick stormoftara watched it when she got home from work, while I was working on this post and startled me when the video ended and she burst into tears! She sobbed as much as I did lol
      lots of tears have been shed over this video!

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