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Taemin & BoA Inkigayo performance 120729 - Only One - Pics & HD Video

Okies friends and fans, shall we get to the big news of the day?
Of course its Taemin and BoA's performance on Inkigayo.
I must admit I was nervous when I first heard about this for 2 reasons.
1. Yunho
2. Fanwars
Pretty much both were unfounded worries as anyone mentioning Yunho,
was told to not compare the 2......I'm okay with that.
There really is no comparing their vastly different dancing styles.
2. Holy Carp! 0.0 Are we getting along now?
about time imho
It was a truly beautiful if too short stage.
Really they look awesome together.
[FullHD] 120729 BoA - ONLY ONE ft. TaeMin ( SHINee )

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Want just the Taemin clip?
Got ya covered! Cause I'm good like that ^.~
[HD] 120729 BoA ft. TaeMin (SHINee) Cut

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Magnificent! Right?
I heard through many fanaccounts that when Taemints started cheering for him, Taemin kept signaling 'no no' not me, cheer for BoA!
Such a lovely young man our maknae has become!
I'm so proud of him!

Recorded next week's collaboration stage with BoA too - Taemin wore a similar jacket, a greyish-white t-shirt as well as a very baggy, loose pants. He redid his hair to a straight hairstyle. It is evident that he feels more open/comfortable than this morning. After the performance, he spread open his arms and leaned against the wall. Upon realising that his fans were screaming for him, he shook his hands, gesturing to them to watch BoA and give BoA support instead. However, the more he tries to do it, the fans' screams grew even louder. Taemin ran back to the bakstage happily.
Source/Credit: LastFantasy0718
Translation by: thpapergangster

Taemin was so cuteee in the afternoon recording!!! they recorded 2 times full ONLY ONE, 2 times just taemin & BoA dance part! :D
After the 1st close up shot recording for Taemin & BoA dance part, Taemin gave a pout expression and walk towards backstage
end of all 4 recordings, BoA & Taemin stayed on stage to thank fans! Taemin said “Please give lots of support & cheering for BoA”
BoA then asked Taemin to say smth in Japanese since SHINee also debuted in Japan and today there’s Japanese fans here, Taemin at first give a no no no sign, but BoA told him not to be shy, so Taemin said “Please support BoA (in Japanese)” Then BoA said, “Your Japanese pronunciation isn’t that bad at all! ^^”
BoA was so cuteee too! Before the start of the 2nd full song recording, she teased Shawols that, please dont secretly take photo of her behind the crowd ah~ haha!
Lastly, please look forward for next week stage too! Taemin wore a dark tiger head prints jacket, with a inner greyish & white long shirt, and sweats pant! :D Very charming!
Source/Credit: NINGZzhi
Some rehearsal and stage pictures:

All in all this was fabulous!

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