Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ is making BIG programing changes! Bye bye Music Award - Hello enjoyable music show

Inkigayo Mutizen 120408 - SHINee WINS!!!

It seems pictures and titles like these will be a thing of the past as 'Inkigayo' is reformatting is programing to no longer include 'Take 7' or the 'Mutizen Song award'.

I love the idea that the producers wish to present a more musically enjoyable program!
But this also begs the question....how will we know who is the best?
Is this question even relevant anymore? What will happen to all the fan wars? 

Do you as an average (as in not psycho) fan understand the formula used to determine the winnings? No? It's a very complicated percentages formula calculated by the show that includes physical sales, online searches, downloads and more.

I myself have been seduced by the fandoms to participate in some of the only ways an international fan can, doing searches for hours on end, on Korean sites and voting like crazy where the program allows.

However, I often wondered if this was really fair, more over I was often left with a huge dilemma seeing as how I adore several artist/groups and having to choose one beloved group over another. How is this fair to groups with smaller fandoms?
How has the international fandom affected this? I would say...its affected it greatly and believe in the end this may be a change for the good though it does take a tiny bit of excitement out of watching the shows, meh....I'm willing to give that up.

Yay for Korean attitudes finally going global!

I suppose this will also stop any 'buy back/bulk buying' scandals as well.
Never heard about these??? yeah....it happens every week >.>
I'll even admit, for SHINee I have put off purchasing an album in case one weeks award looked like it was in jeopardy ~.~

See how a fan can get sucked in?

Not to be over looked is the oft used incentive by certain management companies (YAH! I'm lookin at you Wooliment >.>) to reward groups with coveted things like...oh like a decent new dorm??? What will the new incentives be? You KNOW something must replace the awards....AND I'm sure the fandoms will quickly be all over that.

I wonder if this change will effect ratings...........

Yeah....this has been another Stormy commentary ^.~

Original news via Nate

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