Saturday, March 24, 2012

SHINee Sherlock Inkigayo Fan Account 120322

120322 SBS Inkigayo fan account:

Taemin with his back facing us, opened the front of his jacket slightly. He had a very low neck wife-beater and wanted to show Choi Minho. Minho at first didn't know what Taemin's up to but when he saw Taemin kept pulling open his jacket, he laughed loudly and pushed him away. Taemin was very happy as if his prank has worked.

Soon Taemin began his antics again. He went behind Kim Jonghyun and hugged him from behind, then began to unbutton his (Jonghyun) shirt slowly. Till the 3rd button, he began to pull the shirt towards the right then towards the left and repeated it a few times in fast repetitions. Kim Jonghyun couldn't withstand it and used his two hands to pull open his shirt at the same timeTTTTTTPervert!

In the end Choi Minho eventually wanted to see Taemin's, so walked over and wanted to pull open his jacket and Kim Jonghyun saw it. Kim Jonghyun then hit his (Minho) chest, scolded him but with a smile on his face. Hehe So adorable. He really dotes on Taemin ah~~~~~~~

Soon after Jonghyun went over to Key. Key's shirt is just a normal tee. Jonghyun kept pulling it, when he can't reach it he leaned even closer, Kim Kibum just laughed and hit his hand. Kim Jonghyun sensing that it won't work then thought of pulling the bottom of the shirt. Key hit him again. In the end think Kim Jonghyun managed to pull Key's shirt upwards and stopped at a certain spot. Taemin saw, laughed and told Key. Key looked down,laughed loudly and used both hands and hit Kim Jonghyun's chest thrice.

Lee Jinki just smiled...TTTTTT

Source: chencucu, translation: eimanjjong

Cause that's how SHINee rolls!
Forever my pervy Minho Babies

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