Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inkigayo Mutizen 120115 - Teen Top - MBLAQ - Boyfriend

120115 Teen Top - Crazy @ Inkigayo

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120115 MBLAQ Scribble & This is War

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[인가120115] 보이프렌드 - 내가 갈게 - Boyfriend

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  1. Ok, I love Teen Top they are just sooo cute. Not feeling Neil's Hair though. What is with the curly hair. I know it's not a perm, but it doesn't suit him at all. I like his hair when it is strait. I love the song tooo. I just wasn't to impressed with there dance moves, like I loved there dance movies in supa luv, but it's ok it was stil good.
    Well, All I can say about Mblaq is that they are on fire right now. I am soooo loving there songs and there comeback stages tooo. They sure have grown up, but they will always be my Mblaq babies, lol
    Ok, All I want to say about Boyfirend is that I love the twins, lol