Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inkigayo Mutizen 111211 - TRAX - T-ara - TroubleMaker - BoyFriend - B1A4 - Super Junior DongHae & EunHyuk - Something Completely Different!

TRAX Good Bye Stage
TRAX - Blind - I must admit I have really enjoyed 'Blind' bye bye babies.

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T-ara - Cry Cry - Really sexy done classy style

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111211 | Hyunseung & HyunA - Trouble Maker - Really sexy done O.o

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Boyfriend - I'll Be There : Comeback Stage

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B1A4 Cut Recycle

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Super Junior DongHae & EunHyuk - Next Week - OPPA! OPPA! ^^

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Today's Winner- Wonder Girls

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Something Completely Different!

Remember this corner? No? *sigh* My bad...
This is where I bring you something completely different! ummmm yeah,
anyway this old corner was brought about by my own practice of reviewing videos for at least 60 seconds and if in that 60 seconds something grabs my attention YOU get to see it! Maybe I'm getting nostalgic due to our impending 1 year Anni this week lol
Anyway there has been some buzz around about this new sub-unit so I checked it out!
All I really know about Bang Yong Guk & ZELO is that blonde baby ZELO is 15! o.O
And despite the look in that intro pic, they are all about teh Hip Hop ^.~
Which those of you who know me well, know Hip Hop is my personal sib ^.~
Bang Yong Guk & ZELO - Never Give Up

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15....*sigh* ^.~
Enjoy a lot! ^.^

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