Sunday, July 10, 2011

[Inkigayo Mutizen]110710 2PM wins! Put Your Hands Up! SHINee Special stage!

Well friends and fans I watched this live and what an awesome, special show!
If YOU want to watch Clicky the link for
K-Pop Stream Online
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On with the show!!!
SHINee and f(x) Hello Hello - Aigooooo its so good to see them on music stage again!!! SME Family Love rocks this show AND this stage! Key looks so happy!

YouTube Credit:CodeAnalysisSeason5's Channel
 f(x) - Danger and Hot Summer - Amber!!! squeeeeeeee! Yaaah You got it Amber!

2PM - Put your Hands UP!

B1A4 - Only learned the bad things

ZE:A - Heart for 2 / Watch Out - Gotta admit, this was a pretty awesome comeback, Watch out Ladies! kekeke so cute ^.^

2PM Wins!

Thanks to :
CodeAnalysisSeason5's Channel for all of todays videos!
Enjoy a lot!!! ^.^
Oh and lets NOT forget Block B though I gotta admit...this style kinda confuses me...
BLOCK B - Go And Tell

Thanks to CrazyCarrot270 for Block B's video

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