Sunday, June 5, 2011

B2ST wins Inkigayo Mutizen-B1A4-Boyfriend-FT Island-N-Train-'Something Completely Different'

Pretty busy music weekend!
Another Debut AND the return of Something Completely Different!
Beast wins again!

FT Island-Hello Hello



And now for something completely different!
I just love this song, the costume AND oh the dance! Daebak!!!
Jang Woo Hyuk-Time Is [L]Over


Ready for another debut? Ready or not, here we go!
Very easy to listen to ^.^

N-Train debuts with “One Last Cry” on Inkigayo

Famous producer Kim Chang Hwan finally debuted the fruits of three long years of labor on today’s episode of ‘Inkigayo‘!
His very own boy group, N-Train, held their debut showcase on May 25th and revealed that they were determined to be acknowledged for their vocal talents alone. Their debut track, “One Last Cry“, is a soul jam with lyrics about a man reminiscing over a woman who he can’t seem to forget.
N-Train explained, “Idols are usually known for releasing dance tracks with strong beats. We hope to differentiate ourselves by emphasizing an R&B style. We’re confident, but we won’t let it get to us, especially since we still have much to learn in order to grow as artists who leads Korean music.”
Check out their debut below!

 Source: Sports Seoul via Nate
WOW! What a music filled weekend its been!
Enjoy! ^.^

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  1. I am loving B1A4 and Boyfriend and Jang woo hyuk and FT Island and now there is n-train. so many idol group what iws a girl to do. Oh, I know listen and enjoy everyone of them. Thanks Storm!!!!