Sunday, April 24, 2011

A very special Jeju Island Inkigayo!!!! Don't miss this show!

A very special Inkigayo from Jeju Island! Some of the best performances I have yet to see! Everyone looked so good and was so full of energy! Must be that ocean air!
It really looks like a concert!
B2ST and 4MINUTE-Greeting Song

First up is Big Bang! Love Song-They all look so hot! I'm breathless from TOP and GD! >.< Aishhhhhh!
CNBLUE-Intuiton-Step by Step one two three!

4MINUTE-Mirror Mirror-Lets go!

Infinite-Nothing's Over-And they have never been better! Daebak!!!

And Lastly TVXQ says Good Bye with a special Before You Go and KYHD stage.

Thanks to CrazyCarrot370 for all of todays videos!

Enjoy! ^.^

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  1. I am so enjoying 4 minute right now. I really like there song, it has a very nice beat.
    Ok, infinite can't get any cuter can they. I just love them. I love the song and the dancing.(Nothing's Ober,lol)
    Ok, Big Bang are killing me, Top and Gd are so sexy right now *faints*. I love this song, I love the dancing and just all around love these guys.