Sunday, April 17, 2011

Inkigayo Performances and Big Bang Wins! Infinite-CNBLUE and Block B!

Yaaaahh Friends and Fans...ready for some massive updates? Lets GO!
Inki was great with another Big Bang expected ^.~
First up? Big Bang of course! Oh lookin fresh and spring like ^.^
Big Bang-Love Song

Speaking of fresh and spring like....
Infinite-Nothing's Over

CNBLUE-Intuition-Still growing Go Go Go!

Something New? Lets check out Block B-Blippers for now, I'm still on the fence with this spankin new group. Debut performance.
Block B-Freeze

All other videos thanks to UnkownCarrot370
Todays Winner Stage

Watch fast and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, that was a great show. I love watching Big Bang!!!! They look really good in white today. I missed Top's top hat, but he looked sexy in white though. Gd look wonderful in white and those pants are just so cute on him. I really love this song too!!!!

    Infinite was cute as always. I can just eat them up,lol.

    This new group was ok, but they are no shinee, teen top, mblaq or infinite.