Sunday, March 27, 2011

TVXQ wins Inkigayo Mutizen-Big Bang-Infinite-MBLAQ

Here we gooooo!!!!
TVXQ...wth? Better than yesterday, still just a beat or two off...

Big Bang-What is Right

Infinite-Nothings Over

MBLAQ promotes safe driving with the “Traffic Safety Song” on Inkigayo.

All videos thanks to shu101224
Enjoy! ^.^

1 comment:

  1. Well, I loved Big Bang outfits today. I just think that they all look good with a little bit of color even it it was just white,lol. I like that song they sang too. I can't wait for the new stuff there putting out soon too. I am so excited.

    As always infinite sounds spectacular. There voice never waver. They look extra cute today, to me for some reason too. I love this song so much right now. I wish I could buy it on itunes.

    Ok, Mblaq was so cute in that video. I will always remember to buckle my seatbelt and I will never talk on my phone while driving because of them now,lol