Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inkigayo-MBLAQ's Good Bye-Big Bang-Infinite-Teen Top-TVXQ!

MBLAQ say's Good Bye and I must say, I'm going to miss them. I hope Mir gets better soon and can join them next Come Back.

Infinite is just doing awesome with this Come Back!

Big Bang-Tonight...I think the guitar won again >.< But the boys triple crown again so its all good ^.^
Teen Top! Okay its a CF for Safe Driving but oh how I have missed my babies ^.^
They must have heard you Md my friend! ^.~

Thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for all the above videos.
TVXQ-Before You Go...Hello Hello Hello Hello...Oh hell no don't even try to wake me up, for I've slipped into a sweet sweet coma....

Watch fast and Enjoy! ^.^


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  2. Ok, Why is Mblaq all firece and it's there goodbye? I mean come on that was really great performance for them. I truly enjoyed that. There danceing was great and there sing was great too. I am going to miss them. I hope they do a comeback soon and they have Mir with them. Fighting Mblaq Fighting!!!!!

    Ok, I just can't get enough of Infinite right now. There performance is so cute,that if they were sugar they would melt. I just love there voices and there dancing is just great. they are very cute tooo. They are just having a great comeback. Fighting Infinite Fighting.

    Big Bang Thank You for a wonderful performance once again. I just love there performance and I love there voices too. I just think that GD has so much energy on stage it makes me laugh. I mean you would think with all that energy he would be able to break that gutiar,lol. Fighting Big Bang Fighting.

    Wooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo its Teen Top. I am so happy to see them. I know it is just a CF, but I loved it. I watched it like 4 times in a row. I miss them so much. They all look so cute. I think your right by the way Storm they did hear me. So I will keep saying it until they have there next comeback. I miss you Teen Top please make a comeback soooooooooon!!!!!!Fighting Teen Top Fighting!!!!

    Tvxq once again , when I look at there video all I can think is that is one sexy performance. I think that the one in black dances better and the one in white sings better, but that is just what I think,lol.

    Well, Thank You Storm I soo enjoyed this My Radar. I was so excited when I saw Teen Top.

  3. @Daisy/Md As soon as I saw the Teen Top vid I thought of you! My pleasure as always!
    Stormy ^.^