Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inkigayo-Big Bang-MBLAQ-Teen Top says good bye and Infinite teases us for next weeks comeback!

Who wins this week??? Of course...Its Big Bang!
Big Bang-Tonight-Go Go Go

MBLAQ-Again-Joonie soooo into the dance-Fighting babies!

Teen Top-Supa Luv-Its their Good Bye stage and they couldn't have been better tossing out some love signs to screaming fans. Come back soon Babies! Saranghae!

Winners stage

Infinite's teaser.

Thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for all of todays videos.
Watch fast and enjoy!


  1. Awwww, Teen Top are just so cute. They made me cry again. I hope they do a comeback really really soon. Fighting Teen Top!!!!!

    Big Bang were looking good as always. Mblaq were also looking good as always. I miss Mir still, but I now he need the rest to get better. Mblaq looked good in black and white too by the way.

    Infinite that teaser is killing me, Can't wait to see you perform next week.
    Thanks for the info My Radar

  2. Oh man... ok firstly, Teen top looked so good today... loved those outfits but hate that they cut the song. Wtf? Also, Big Bang's encore got cut at the end. Not cool! I'm excited for Infinite coming soon. Woot woot... That song sounds like it'll be good. Teen top needs to come back soon also.
    Thanks for posting!