Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inkigayo Performances and Teen Top's Ricky celebrates his Birthday with a Back Injury!

What a way to spend your 17th Birthday, Ricky hurt his back during rehearsal but like a trooper, puts off going to the hospital for treatment till after Inki.
My Music Radar! wishes Ricky a very Happy Birthday and a swift recovery!
Saranghae Baby!
TEEN TOP’s Ricky celebrates his 17th birthday
by VITALSIGN on February 27, 2011 at 5:35 am
TEEN TOP’s Ricky celebrated his 17th birthday on February 27th, but unfortunately, he did so with some back pain.
During their performance of “Supa Luv” on this week’s episode of SBS’s “Inkigayo“, Ricky worried fans when he was unable to complete his ‘Matrix’ move. It was later revealed that he had hurt his back during a recent rehearsal, and took painkillers before going on stage.
Through their official Twitter, C.A.P wrote, “Today is Ricky’s birthday, and even though his back hurts, he performed the move without saying anything. We hope that Ricky gets better soon and is able to show more impressive Matrix moves in the future.” Ricky added, “Thanks to all that worried for me!!! I’ll be working hard to get better.”

Because he’s still in need of treatment, Ricky will be taken to a hospital for a check-up on the 28th.
Source: OSEN via Daum
Photo: @TEEN_TOP

On to the Inki performances.
Teen Top-Supa Luv remix- Ricky tries so hard with the "matrix" move...poor baby T_T

TVXQ-Maximum...@.@ they needed a fence this week, trying to hold back all that charisma! Can I just say...Flamin HOT! Jump Jump! Dance Dance! Watch now at your own risk!

MBLAQ-Again-The boys are all looking good today and put on an awesome performance. Lovin the black and red color scheme.

Some minor mic probs don't mar this good-bye stage for Infinite, well done babies, looking forward to the next promotions.

There you have it friends and fans...enjoy fast!


  1. Ok, I really enjoyed the videos, of teen top and Mblaq, Thanks Storm!!!

  2. i enjoyed watching onew's videos, he's so much fun

  3. He is very funny! I love Onew's sangtae ^.^