Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inkigayo Performances and Part 2 of the Idol Sports competition!

All the favorites are here!
Seungri wins! Must be good to be King ^.^


Teen Top-Supa Luv

Seungri wins!

TVXQ is not eligible this week but provided a nice remix of KYHD
Happy Birthday to Yunho! Nice belly too ^.^

All videos thanks to CrazyCarrot360

YES! I am linking you again to Allkpop to watch ^.^
MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships” Part 2 revealed.
Minho continues to coach
Some men just cant jump >.<.
Round 3 of the Mens High Jump with Nichk and Minho is pretty funny ^.^
Watching Umma Key cheering for Minho is a laugh riot!
In round 4 Minho's last jump is a thing a beauty!
Womens swimming-watch for the swimsuits and the celebrity audience ^.^
Men’s 50m Hurdles-Minho really is a beautiful beast when participating in sports.
Men’s 50m Sprint – Final-aww Jokwon losses.
Closing Ceremony / Awards-SHINee and SME wins! Minho couldn't be prouder!
Clicky the BIG link and watch all the fun!

Well there you have it friends and fans, enjoy fast! Once again, all videos courtesy of CrazyCarrot or UnknownCarrot, all the same ^.^
Enjoy the last of the Holiday! ^.^

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