Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inkigayo Performances and I hope MBLAQ,JTune Camp and all have learned a valuable lesson....but I'm not holding my breath >.>

A few Inki performances and TVXQ with a new song to promote!

TVXQ and Maximum

Infinite BTD

Due to other schedules, GD&TOP, Seungri, MBLAQ, and Navi did not perform on today’s show.

Speaking of MBLAQ....pretty much everyone knows now that Joonies fall was apparently a planned stage concept. All I can say is....Who's brilliant idea was this? And wae oh wae would you do this to your fans? Some one didn't see past A to B, like we were not worried enough already >.< and whats WORSE? many fans even missed the fact the Mir was BACK!

When you see the whole performance including the video cut...then it all makes much more......sense? Only a man could have thought THIS one up....
I'm just sayin.....


And that's ALL I'm gonna say about the whole mess......

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